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Leadership Advisors

​For the last 10 years, Carl & Adam have served together as President and Vice President of The Life Book Movement where God used them to grow a ministry from nothing to leading a team involved in impacting over 30 million lives.

Carl Blunt

As the author of The Life Book (37 million copies in print), Carl brings three decades of ministry and organizational leadership experience to every session. He has served professionally as a life and leadership advisor for all types of leaders around the world. His strength in the weekly Leadership Session is his straight-talk approach and sharing proven principles that consistently work in almost all leadership situations.

Adam Malanga

Adam brings three decades of executive business and ministry leadership experience to the table. He continues to coach small business leaders across the U.S. His strength in the weekly Leadership Session is providing practical, real-life stories and examples to help club members put leadership principles into action.


leader's club